Kick-off U40 Arabesque, 10-12 May

Eight young experts frVisualising the results of the U40 Arabesque Palestine, Syria, Algeria and Egypt gathered in Alexandria to set the strategy and the plan for the future of the regional network and the methodologies of promoting the 2005 UNESCO Convention in the respective countries. They also determined ways of communication among network members and the other U40 Networks.

The participants agreed that first efforts have to be spent on spreading awareness in the Arab region on what the convention is really about. Three ideas for future projects were discussed:

  1. Workshop “Understanding the Convention”
  2. Reaching out to relevant communities
  3. Artistic act in the framework of the Convention

A first meeting of U40 Arabesque will be held in Autmn 2013 in the context of the CONNEXXIONS Programme of the German Commission for UNESCO.

The kick-off meeting was organised by the Alexandria based NGO AGORA in cooperation with the German Commission for UNESCO.