The U40 Network has been designed, supported, developed and strengthened through the continued dialogue and cooperation with diverse stakeholders all over the world.

The German Commission for UNESCO initiated the U40 Network, acts as its coordinator, facilitator and motivator, while endeavouring to involve the expertise and knowledge of the network itself as much as possible. The German Commission has since then provided basic resources for the U40 Network.

Since 2007, a number of different partners collaborated with the German Commission for UNESCO and the International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity (IFCCD) to support and develop the U40 Network. Among them are the Catalan Government, the Canadian, Finnish and Austrian National Commissions for UNESCO, the French Coalition for Cultural Diversity as well as various Ministries of Culture (e.g. Austria, Canada, Brazil, Spain). Moreover, local partners such as the Interarts Foundation (Barcelona 2008), the National Audiovisual Institute in Paris for the U40-World Forum (June 2009) and Istanbul Bilgi University for the International Forum (October 2010) were crucial for the implementation of the meetings.

IFCCD became a permanent partner and co-host of the U40 Network in 2009. In 2010, IFCCD initiated the regional network “U40 Americas”.