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The U40 Network is active as an informal and self-organised network. Members are is in touch as a bunch of like-minded people that became friends for the sake of cultural diversity. This website acts as an archive of our work and as a source for further inspiration.

The U40 Idea

The U40 idea is to give a voice to young experts (under 40) in the implementation of cultural policies and the promotion of the 2005 UNESCO Convention on the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. Initiated by the German Commission for UNESCO in 2007, the U40 Network is today an independent civil society network. It represents a concrete step towards the implementation of the Convention, by stimulating debates and ideas to better formulate cultural policies for cultural diversity throughout the world.

Who we are

We are young professionals from across the world involved in the field of cultural policies – experts, researchers, civil servants, cultural managers, graduate students, etc. We believe in the power of cultural diversity. Together we are stronger and make our voices heard through this civil society platform. Through awareness raising activities, advocacy, knowledge and good practice exchange we breathe life into the 2005 UNESCO Convention. On top of the U40 Network, a series of U40 subgroups are active in different parts of the world to better address local, national and regional issues and to foster regional cooperation in the cultural sector.

Where do we want to go

As a young and innovative group of international experts, we want to build organizational capacities for the network. We want to better communicate our goals and outcomes. We want to position the U40 Network for the future to be more effective as a diverse international group of cultural policy experts in the implementation of the 2005 UNESCO Convention.