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The U40 Network has committed itself to contribute to sharing good practices, relevant information and knowledge. By publishing the 2010 Mapping Cultural Diversity publication, we made a first step towards systematically presenting such good practices.

Six years after the entry into force of the 2005 Convention there is a considerable amount of data available on how the broad political ideas of the Convention can be translated into ground realities.


  • German Commisison for UNESCO / Asia Europe Foundation (eds.) (2010): “Mapping Cultural Diversity – Good Practices from Around the Globe” more
  • List of innovative practices, compiled by the International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity more
  • Innovative examples, extracted out of the Periodic Reports submitted to UNESCO by the Parties to the 2005 Convention more
  • Projects funded by the International Fund for Cultural Diversity more
  • Kaleidoscope of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions in Germany more
  • Website of good practices and indicators on cultural and audiovisual diversity more