Call for Projects

During the last decade, the international community has collected substantial evidence of the fundamental role of culture plays in development. Most often, policies and initiatives that do not take culture into account have failed. However, the availability of tools able to measure the impact of exemplary initiatives on community development is lacking.

Going forward, advocating for the recognition of culture as an ENABLER AND DRIVER OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT will depend on our ability to demonstrate an understanding of the conditions for success and the results of projects that include culture in their approach. Measuring a project’s structuring effect and contribution to sustainable development is becoming a standard requirement by funders.

With this in mind, the secretariat of the International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity has solicited the assistance of the U40 Network to implement and moderate a blog.

The objectives?

  • Offer visibility to exemplary initiatives for the sustainable development
  • Lead a discussion amongst the international community of cultural project managers
  • Support and provide tools for the self-assessment of projects in view of their contribution to human and sustainable development.

To participate?

We have designed an interactive questionnaire aimed at cultural managers who seek to strengthen the evaluation and presentation of their completed projects. The model is based on performance indicators derived from an analysis of more than 80 initiatives worldwide and is linked to UN development goals. The information collected will serve to showcase your project on the blog.

Act quickly if you want your initiative to be one of the first featured on the platform « culture4development»!

Next steps

1- Choose the project you want to share.


  • Must be a cultural project or one that includes a cultural dimension
  • Must be a project that you have lead or know well
  • Must be completed

2- Fill out the attached questionnaire.

Follow instructions and examples provided in the questionnaire.

3- Complete the evaluation survey on the questionnaire (optional).

4- Share and circulate this call to participate in your networks.

We will let you know shortly when the blog is to be launched!

Please return the completed questionnaire and evaluation form –or any question you may have– to culture4development(a)gmail.com

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Versión español