People chatting in a café in Burkina Faso

Christiaan de Beukelaer  Like many countries around the world, Burkina Faso is trying to valorise its cultural sector and traditions for social and economic development. Policies, studies, and initiatives are devised to facilitate the materialisation of this intent. This policy analysis explores in particular a recent study conducted for the Burkinabè Ministry of Culture. Throughout the analysis there is a focus on striking issues with

  1. the practical links between social and economic development,
  2. definition and demarcation of culture and cultural industries, and
  3. the recommendations put forward in the Report.

In conclusion, it is argued that this study is timely and of some merit (particularly in showing that the cultural sector contributes 2.02% to the GDP), while much remains to be done in order to provide a more strategically useful and practically applicable understanding of the ways cultural and development policies can work to support social and economic development in the country.

Read the full article: POLICY REVIEW: Culture and Developement in Burkina Faso: Social and economic impact explored.